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Polk County Soil and Water Conservation District Seeking a Multi- County Conservation Technician

The Polk County Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking a Multi- County Conservation Technician to assist with the implementation of The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) adopted Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) program. This will include working with the FDACS cost share program, Implementation Verification (IVs). The position will be based in Polk County, but will also require travel to surrounding counties. The applicant should be team oriented, independent and have an agricultural and/or natural resources background, with computer and office management skills. Employment is a grant funded position and ends June,2023. With renewal.

Applicant will be required to perform clerical and field work.

A pre-employment federal background check will be performed.

Although resumes are accepted an application form must be completed and sent to:

Polk Soil and Water Conservation District

1700 US HWY 17 South

Suite #2

Bartow, FL 33830

[email protected]

August 2021

Conservation Technician

Position Description


This is a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) technical and professional team-oriented position under direction of the supervisor in the Office of Agricultural Water Policy’s (OAWP) in partnership with the Polk County Soil and Water Conservation District (PSWCD).  The position will be assisting with the coordination and implementation of FDACS-adopted best management practices (BMPs) and assisting with agricultural related projects with the PSWCD.  The primary office of the technician will be in Polk County.  The primary area of the technician will be Polk County, but will travel to neighboring counties such as Hardee, Hillsborough, and Highlands County.  This position will involve travel to agricultural operations, meetings, and will include a vehicle. These are the primary responsibilities of the technician position:• Conducting evaluations for the OAWP’sImplementation Verification to assure implementation of FDACS-adopted BMPs • Coordinating with partner agencies, follow-up visits with agricultural operations, generating maps, data collection and analysis, and cross-checking parcel identification information.  • Assisting the OAWP team with implementation of BMPs and enrollment into the FDACS-adopted BMP Program by conducting on-site field evaluations of agricultural operations using BMP manuals, checklists and other tools to assist producers in enrolling by filing with the FDACS a Notice of Intent (NOI) to Implement BMPs.  .  • Assisting PSWCD and OAWP with administration, implementation and verification of the BMP cost-share program, such as the review of cost-share projects, invoices and deliverables documentation.  • Assisting in education, outreach, and implementation of the FDACS’ responsibilities under the Florida Watershed Restoration Act/Total Maximum Daily Loads Program through producer enrollment in the FDACS-adopted BMP Programs.• Assists in delivery of information to and input from the PSWCD, Extension Service, and the local agricultural community on non-regulatory strategies, cost-share and other incentives, technical assistance needs, and research and demonstration needs.  These include assisting the FDACS and the PSWCD by helping plan, and participate in meetings, workshops, field days, and distribution of printed and electronic materials.  

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