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Polk Man Arrested After Gruesome Triple Stabbing Incident In Winter Haven

Winter Haven, Florida – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested and charged William Keys, DOB 6/11/1986, with 3 counts of Attempted 2nd Degree Murder after he allegedly stabbed 3 people. The incident occurred on 8/17/2021 at residence on 11th St E Winter Haven.

It appears that domestic dispute which Keys wasn’t directly involved in lead to the stabbings.

Keys fled the scene of the stabbings, but was apprehended the following day 08/18/2021. He was witnessed by a victim allegedly trying to steal her vehicle, but apparently Keys didn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. After stalling multiple times Keys abandoned the vehicle.

Keys has a history of arrest in Polk County dating back to 2004. He was last released from prison on 09/20/20.

Due to Marsys Law a great deal of information has been redacted prior coming to the Daily Ridge.

The following is a long excerpt from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office affidavit (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions) :

On 8-17-21, William Keys did intentionally and unlawfully stab VICTIM 1VICTIM 2, and VICTIM 3 with an unknown sharp object multiple times in the abdomen, chest, back, and arms area. This was done against the will of the victims and with the intentions of causing possible death and/ or great bodily harm.

On 8/17/21, VICTIM1 was involved in a verbal argument with WITNESS 1 via the telephone over VICTIM 1‘s relationship with WITNESS 2WITNESS 1 is the ex-husband of WITNESS 2 and the father of her children. WITNESS 1 was at WITNESS 2’s residence picking up his children while he was arguing with VICTIM 1VICTIM 1 told WITNESS 1 that he was on his way to WITNESS 2’s residence and that he wanted to talk to WITNESS 1VICTIM 1 then notified VICTIM 2 and told him that WITNESS 1 was arguing with him and that WITNESS 1 was at WITNESS 2’s residence. VICTIM 2 arrived at WITNESS 2’s residence and confronted WITNESS 1 about the issues with VICTIM 1 prior to VICTIM 1 arriving. While VICTIM 2 was talking with WITNESS 1WITNESS 1’s cousin William Keys arrived and attempted to fight VICTIM 2WITNESS 1 stopped William and informed him that everything was okay and there were no issues.

At this point, VICTIM 1 and his friend VICTIM 3, whom he was out riding motorcycles with, arrived at the residence. VICTIM 1 began to verbally argue with WITNESS 1. As they argued, William approached VICTIM 3 and VICTIM 1 from behind. William then stabbed VICTIM 3 in the right side in the area of his ribs and again in the right front chest area with an unknown object. William then began a physical altercation with VICTIM 1. During this altercation, William was on top of VICTIM 1 and began to stab him multiple times in the chest, abdomen, and upper left arm area. VICTIM 2 attempted to get William off VICTIM 1 at which time; William stabbed VICTIM 2 twice in the left side and once in the center of his back near his spinal cord.

VICTIM 1 suffered a large laceration to his upper left chest near his heart which shattered three ribs, a large laceration to his abdomen causing an abdominal evisceration (which caused his lower intestines to protrude out of his abdomen), and a large laceration to upper left arm. VICTIM 1 was critical and air lifted to REDACTED, and underwent emergency surgery.

VICTIM 3 suffered a laceration and puncture wound to his right side near his ribs and upper right chest area. VICTIM 3 was transported via EMS to REDACTED and is listed in stable condition.

VICTIM 2 suffered two lacerations and puncture wounds to his left side and a puncture wound in the center of his back near his spinal cord. VICTIM  2 was air lifted to REDACTED and is listed in critical condition.

WITNESS stated she observed William Keys stabbing VICTIM 1 in the chest and abdomen areas.

VICTIM 3 stated he observed a white male wearing a red bandana and red shirt approached him from behind and came up his right side. He stated the male then stabbed him twice. He was provided a photo-lineup in which VICTIM 3 immediately identified William Keys as the person who stabbed him.

VICTIM 2 provided verbal statements that he observed a white male wearing a red bandana and red shirt stab him multiple times.

During my investigation, the white male wearing the red shirt and red bandana was identified as William Keys” End of Affidavit

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