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South Lakeland Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Celebrating 30th Anniversary On Sunday with Specials

South Lakeland Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Celebrating 30th Anniversary On Sunday with Specials

by James Coulter

For the past 30 years, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in South Lakeland has been serving people with good food, folks, and fun. Now the local eatery is celebrating its 30th anniversary with menu specials, prize giveaways, and even a reunion with beloved servers.

South Lakeland’s Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, located at 4810 South Florida Ave in Lake Miriam Plaza, will be celebrating its anniversary all day Sunday with special menu prices, with all prices ending in 30 cents. These specials include 10 wings for $3.95 and 25 wings for $14.95, draft beers for $1.30, a family package with burgers and fries for a whole family for $19.91 in honor of the year.

Other festivities that day include 30th anniversary T-shirt and cups, prize giveaways every hour, and 97 Country hosting a remote show from 5pm to 7pm. Also joining the celebration will be 25 to 30 former staff members and servers celebrating a reunion.

“We want to be able to have a day of sharing with the community as a way for us to give back,” said owner Don Bosko.

Bosko started his career washing dishes for the original owner in 1990, from whom he purchased the eatery in 1991. He has been operating the South Lakeland Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, along with two other locations, for the past 30 years.

Born in Pennsylvania, Bosko attended Gannon University at Erie, Pennsylvania. Upon graduating, he moved to Hollywood, Florida, where he worked 18 years at a fiberglass company. When the company sold their division, Bosko found himself in need of another job.

Bosko was a fan of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Brandon, FL for quite a few years. So he decided that, rather than work for another company, that he would start his own business. He wanted to open and operate his own Beef ‘O’ Brady’s eatery.

He approached the owner of the South Lakeland eatery with the proposition, but the owner turned him down, as he did not want to open any more locations. “I visited his store three more times, each and every visit was the same answer,” Bosko said.

He finally approached the owner’s wife, who was in the church choir with him, who agreed to convince her husband into hearing him out. Bosko finally had the opportunity to talk with him about his proposal.

I told him I wanted to study it and work for him for free and decide if I would start my own Beefs, without any of his money, only my own,” he said.

Bosko started by working in the kitchen. During that time, he learned about operating the business by putting together the food and menus. After nearly a year, he approached the owner about starting his own Beef’s location.

In 1991, Bosko took ownership of the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s at the Lakeland South Plaza. The original building was destroyed in a hurricane in 2004. A new 450-square foot location opened 300 yards away from the original location in 2006. The re-opening caught the attention of the news media, including local newspapers and Bay News 9.

Their success over the past 30 years he owes to his eatery becoming a community staple by giving back. Bosko has served on the board for VISTE and Margaritaville. His business has participated in Toys for Tots, local golf tournaments, and the local boy scouts. They host spirit nights for Goerge Jenkins High School, and every school year, they donate 150 bags to local teachers with apples, candy, and a gift certificate.

“Our success has been due to giving back to the community,” she said. “A lot of success is giving back to the community, running a good resturant, always keeping it clean, and fair prices, and my staff with smiling faces.”

Lakeland’s Beef ‘O’ Brady’s 30th Anniversary Celebration will be hosted all day Sunday on Aug. 22. The South Lakeland eatery is located at 4810 South Florida Ave in Lake Miriam Plaza. For more information, visit their Facebook page or website: https://www.facebook.com/beefobradyslakelandsouth


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