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CMGraphix Offers Graphic Design for Local Businesses & Churches

CMGraphix Offers Graphic Design for Local Businesses & Churches

by James Coulter

When Bond Clinic celebrated its 70th anniversary, its marketing director, Ashley-Conrad Scanlan, wanted to design a logo that would honor the clinic’s 70-year legacy. She had plenty of graphic designers at hand, but none of them could produce the content she desired.

She had a close friend, Cody McGhee, who offered to lend his graphic design experience to the project. She discussed with him several projects Bond Clinic was working on, especially those concerning their anniversary. He developed several concept ideas and shared it with her. What he showed her truly exceeded her expectations.

“Not only did he come up with amazing designs, but he actually came up with our design for the logo of our anniversary,” she said. “That was the first big project that I had him work on for me, and it was a really big success.”

Since then, Bond Clinic has cooperated with Cody’s graphic design company, CMGraphix, over the past three years to help design and produce content for them, including designs for print, billboards, t-shirts, and digital products. An attentive and talented designer like him can help bring their greatest ideas to life, she said.

“Cody is easy to work with,” Ashley said. “He is a good communicator, and he has a passion for being able to bring thoughts and ideas to life in a visual format. All of those things are important to work with.”

While most other companies hire graphic designers for big projects, Bond Clinic is more than willing to work with CMGraphix for even their smallest projects, and Cody is more than willing to provide the best that his services has to offer them.

“The way you present yourself from the smallest project to the biggest is very important. It is an important decision to make, and people will be pleased to put their graphics in the hands of CMGraphix,” Ashley said. “So no matter how big or small, he approaches every project with his best, and that is something very important to me.”

Cody currently works as the parks and recreation director for the City of Auburndale. When not working his full-time job, he has been lending his graphic design experience to churches and other small businesses, designing advertisements, flyers, and other graphics.

Originally, his foray into graphic design started as a hobby. He started his business, CMGraphix, this past year, lending his experience to people without such experience and with a need to create graphics for their own businesses.

John Shreck, Associate Pastor of Garden Grove Church in Winter Haven, has worked closely with Cody for nearly seven years to create material for their church, from designing their weekly bulletins and graphics for their sermons and livestreams to re-designing their church’s logo.

Whenever their pastor or a guest pastor needs a visual aid for their sermon, Cody has been on the ready to create something that will best highlight their topic and accentuate the tone of the overall message.

“CMGraphix does a great job bringing to life the visions that we have,” John said. “The graphics really help bring to life or to encapsulate the message of that particular topic. He really does a great job taking our ideas and visions and making them come to life.”

Even the smallest church or business requires high quality graphics to helps promote their products and services. By offering such high-quality at an affordable cost, CMGraphix ensures only the best for their clients, no matter how big or small they may be.

“What I appreciate about them is his desire to help clients and customers succeed in whatever they are trying to do,” John said. “It is not just about promoting his own business. He genuinely wants to see your vision, your event, your service happen in the best possible way. It is also very affordable and timely to getting the graphics into us, an overall great experience.”

While Cody has worked through graphic design for years, recently he started his business, CMGraphix, several months ago. Amidst these uncertain times, he felt that now was the best time to offer his services to a wider audience officially through his own company.

“I have done graphics for numerous years and this has been the next step of putting myself out there to allow other people and churches to use me if they need me, giving other people that opportunity,” he said. “It feels like it’s a responsibility of mine to put the idea to go after the things that you like, the talents that you have, to really put yourself forward…if there is something that you are good at or something that you enjoy, don’t sit back and wait on something to come to you, just go after it.”

While many graphic designers will charge as much as $50 to $100 per hour for their services, CMGraphix offers a more flexible service at a more affordable cost, especially for smaller businesses and organizations that would otherwise be unable to afford a professional graphic designer.

If you’re looking to better promote your business, whether though a flashy advertisement campaign or by re-inventing your image with a new logo, and if you’re looking for someone to take your vision and make it a reality at an affordable price, then consider CMGraphix for your next project.

“My expectation is to be available for people to use me if they need me, and the hope is to inspire people to get out of their own way to chase after the things that the talents that they have been given,” he said. “I can really be able to pull out of you the vision that you are wanting and make it something for the audience you want to reach to be able to really understand and get a sense or feel about what your vision is.”

For more information about CMGraphix, call 863-412-0255, or visit their website at: https://www.facebook.com/CMGraphixfl/

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