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Winter Haven Police Arrest Man For Allegedly Slapping, Punching & Strangling Juvenile

Brian Bell Sr.

Winter Haven, Florida – The Winter Haven Police Department has arrested Brian Bell Sr. (DOB 09/21/1987) for Domestic Violence By Strangulation and Knowingly Abusing Child Without Bodily Injury.

According to a report from the Winter Haven Police Department the incident occurred on February 7, 2021. According to the report the suspect (Brian Bell Sr) attacked a female juvenile. Police were alerted to the incident by a family member of the victim.

According to the arrest affidavit Brian Bell Sr., is accused of brutally attacking the juvenile girl at a home at 902 9th St NE. The girl was witnessed to have numerous injuries to include a bloody nose, bruises and swelling on her forearms/wrist, and a laceration to her left foot. The victim was   transported to Bartow Regional Medical Center, for medical care.

X-Ray and CT scans were administered with no fractures discovered. Mild bleeding from the left nostril with dried blood, closed head injury without loss of consciousness, left foot pain (laceration), bilateral wrist pain, and traumatic ecchymosis of left and right wrists were noted by medical staff. Two sutures were applied to the victim’s left foot (plantar). was later discharged.

Winter Haven Police interviewed the victim who advised while she was in the living room the suspect struck her repeatedly about the head and upper body with open hands, closed fists and bloodied her nose. The victim also alleged the suspect, grabbed her by her hair and physically forced her into the kitchen. As the attack continued dishes were knocked to the floor shattering and cutting her foot. The affidavit goes on to say that the suspect then started chocking the victim from behind cutting off her airway. It was only after her two other juveniles approached that he let go.

The suspect was apprehended on 02/20/2021 in a traffic stop for having an expired tag and driving on suspended license.

The suspect also has a domestic violence charge from allegedly abusing his wife on February 8, 2021. According to that affidavit the abuse occurred after an argument regarding the suspects alleged drug addiction.

Bell has additional domestic battery charges prior to these two incidents.

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