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Roof Rejuvenate of Central Florida Celebrates Grand Opening In Lakeland

Roof Rejuvenate of Central Florida Celebrates Grand Opening In Lakeland

by James Coulter

Has your roof seen better days? If you live in Florida, you know the wear and tear your roofing can receive from the sun’s heat, the pouring rain, and the hurricane winds.

Wish there was a way to protect your roof from the harsh elements? Something you could slather on top of it like moisturizer to keep it protected and refreshed from the heat, rain, and wind?

If your roof is experiencing wear and tear, don’t replace it: rejuvenate it!

Roof Rejuvenate of Central Florida is a roof treatment service that applies an all-natural plant-based product on your roof to make its shingles last longer and “rejuvenate” them to appear fresher than ever.

One treatment can extend your roof’s life by five years, and by 15 years with repeated treatment; as such, applying this treatment will save you 85 percent of the cost for a complete roof replacement, their website states.

“Our low pressure all-natural treatment is scientifically formulated to restore and maintain shingle flexibility and reduce granule loss that is essential to your roof’s longevity and performance,” their pamphlet states.

Roof Rejuvenate of Central Florida recently opened their business in Lakeland. Over the past year, they have treated over 400 homes in the local community, as well as Tampa and Orlando.

The company recently celebrated their grand opening with a ribbon cutting hosted at the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. The ceremony was initially going to be hosted outside the Chamber building, but inclement weather brought the festivities inside.

“We are thankful for everyone here in the Chamber,” said owner Andrew Massouras. “The Chamber has been wonderful. We truly appreciate it and look forward to doing business in Lakeland and helping homeowners and the community however way we can.”

Derek Oxford, the Chamber Financial Planner, commended Roof Rejuvenate for re-locating their business to Lakeland. He especially considered their business to be a fitting addition, as many homes in the community would require their roofing services.

“What a wonderful product to have, especially in Florida, where roofs do not last quite as long as they say on the box,” Oxford said. “We could use your help. So thank you so much.”

Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz likewise commended the business for being one of many new businesses to set up shop within the city. He considers such economic growth vital to the local community, and is excited to see it happen.

“The opportunities we have to watch businesses grow in Lakeland, and this is an example of one,” Mutz said. “To be able to bring your businesses here and to help an area where you need a lot of attention on our roofs, we are so grateful and thank you for joining the Chamber.”

Free estimates are available upon request. For more information, visit their website at: https://roofrejuvenatepro.com, or call 888-250-7663.

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