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Believers’ Fellowship Church Hosted Rally To Keep America Great

Believers’ Fellowship Church Hosted Rally To Keep America Great

by James Coulter

When asked about her thoughts of the past four years under President Donald Trump, Leena Watson, a Navy disabled veteran, simply replied with “promises made, promises kept.”

Watson was one of the many people who arrived to Believers’ Fellowship Church on Saturday to participate in the church’s Keep America Great rally on Saturday.

While clouds may have darkened the skies and the rain came down, the gloomy weather could not darken nor dampen the spirits of attendees such as herself. She was proud of everything accomplished within the past four years under Trump, and she is expecting four more.

“He is the first to give me a pay raise,” she said. “We are going to win by a landslide.”

Keep America Great was hosted by Believers’ Fellowship Church in Lakeland to help raise patriotic fervor within the local community and to promote “biblical conservative values.”

While the rally was not advertised as a “Trump rally”, undoubtedly, most everyone who attended and participated were fans of the President. Many wore the signature red “Make America Great Again” hat, wore “Trump 2020” shirts, and some even participated in a flag wave alongside the road, waving Trump flags and carrying signs showing their support of him.

The event also unabashedly reveled in its support for the sitting president. Trump Burgers were served alongside Sloppy Joes, many vendors sold Trump merchandise including life-sized cardboard cutouts, and even a giant Trump 2020 was raffled off.

John Friedt, Pastor of Believer’s Fellowship Church, wanted to host the event to help spur excitement and interest in the upcoming election, and to help “stir up a conservative vote for conservative values.”

“I think it will be a close contentious race,” Friedt said. “My hope is beyond the presidential race, the other seats that are vacant and being voted on, that we have a conservative wave across the nation, all the way from local seats to the White House.”

Being 42, Friedt claims he had not seen many presidents accomplish so much in one term than Trump has. He firmly believes that the decision for the upcoming election is clear: the Republican Party and candidate, in his opinion, aligns more closely with Biblical Christian values, which is why they should win the next election.

“When you look at the two platforms of the Democrat and Republican parties, it is with no question what platform most aligns with Biblical values,” he said. “Our world is confused in a lot of ways because our world no longer has a Biblical worldview, they have a contemporary worldview. Our goal is to show people we have strayed from our Biblical values and so when it comes to how we vote, we must vote for those who must closely align with our Biblical values.”

Many church attendees attended the event, along with other local residents in the nearby area. Even many local candidates and politicians like Bill Braswell, attended the rally to show their support and promote their own cause.

“Kat” Gates-Skipper, who currently sits upon the Veterans for Trump Advisory Board serving as a national veteran’s advocate, was more than happy to attend the event, even in spite of the not-so-good weather.

“No rain, sleet, or snow can keep people away when you are a Christian and you honor your president,” she said. “Rain can’t keep people away. They want to come out, they want to show their respect for their Commander in Chief. This is all about God and country. God is the reason we are here, God and our president.”

As a veteran, she appreciates how Trump has looked out for veterans such as herself. She especially loves his “no nonsense” approach to politics, acting more like a businessman than a politicans. She is more than confident that he will win the upcoming election.

“We are going to win,” she said. “He is going to win. We are going to see four more years. He has done great, and he will do four more years of taking care of our country and taking care of America.”

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