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If Either President Trump Or Presidential Candidate Biden Were To Die Or Become Incapacitated A Divided Congress Would Assure No Delay In Election

The recent diagnosis of COVID-19 for President Donald Trump has raised the question: What if a candidate dies or becomes incapacitated? Will election go on?

According to multiple scholars the congress has control. We have a divided congress so it is doubtful that they would agree on a delay if one of the candidates dies.

Yes, but that is very unlikely to happen. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to determine the election date. Under U.S. law, the election takes place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, every four years.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives would almost certainly object to delaying the election, even if the Republican-controlled Senate voted to do so. The presidential election has never been postponed.

– What happens if a candidate dies ahead of the election? Both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee have rules that call for their members to vote on a replacement nominee. However, it is likely too late to replace a candidate in time for the election.

Continue reading here: What Happens to the U.S. Presidential Election if a Candidate Dies or Becomes Incapacitated?

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