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Woman Arrested and Charged With Failing to Redeliver a Hired Vehicle

Release by Polk County Sheriff’s Office

On Monday, August 31st, a stolen Jeep Cherokee was spotted by deputies on Avenue G NW in the Haven of Winter, and it pulled into the parking lot of Green’s Market.

For those not aware, Green’s Market is located catty-corner from the PCSO Central District Substation. Now, we’re not ones to give people tips on how to get away with a crime, but we would think that if one was committing a crime (such as driving around in a stolen vehicle), one would do it in an area where deputies don’t drive up-and-down the road all throughout the day.

Allison though is a rebel. Common sense be darned.

When deputies got to the Jeep, it was unoccupied but still running.

Deputies went into the store and were directed to the women’s restroom.

All of the deputies on scene were dudes, and none of them wanted to enter the women’s room with their eyes closed, so they convinced the women to come out.

Eventually, it was determined that Allison’s friend was not involved, so she was turned loose.

The Jeep had been rented by Allison and another woman (who wasn’t present) last week and it was never returned.
Allison told the deputies that she decided to keep the Jeep for a few days more. She didn’t bother telling the rental company though, so they reported it stolen.

The reason Allison held on to the Jeep longer? Because she had a court appearance Monday morning….yet she didn’t make an attempt to return the Jeep after court either (she was caught after 5pm).

Allison was arrested despite her strategic argument against going to jail by saying that she didn’t know that the Jeep was stolen.

Allison was transported to the Polk Pokey and charged with Failing to Redeliver a Hired Vehicle.

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