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Brooks Law Group Gives 350 Turkeys At 7th Annual Giveaway

Brooks Law Group Gives 350 Turkeys At 7th Annual Giveaway

by James Coulter

Everyone deserves to have a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving, even if they cannot afford it. Brooks Law Group ensured that most everybody in the Winter Haven community had that opportunity on Saturday.

The local law group offered more than 350 frozen turkeys during their seventh annual turkey giveaway on Saturday morning. Countless people lined up outside the building and even around the block to receive their free turkey and other canned goods.

For the past seven years, the law group has been hosting this giveaway to ensure that everyone in the local community, especially low-income individuals, have an opportunity to enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Some people even camp outside their law office around midnight for a chance to receive a free turkey, said Josh Miller, Marketing Director.

“Just the desire to give back to the community and help people out in need is what compels us [to do this] every year,” he said. “My favorite part is seeing the look on people’s face when they receive that turkey, to make sure they have a special Thanksgiving meal for them.”

Brooks Law Group is a personal injury and social security law firm with offices in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Tampa. Steve Brooks, Marketing Partner, started the law firm in 1992 with only two employees, including himself. His staff has since grown to seven attorneys and his firm has expanded to two other offices, the most recent opening in Tampa.

Seven years ago, Brooks and his firm decided to offer free frozen turkeys to individuals within the local community. Their first year, they offered 50 turkeys; this year, they gave away 350 turkeys, he said.

Aside from the annual turkey giveaway, the law firm has also been involved with the local community through various local non-profit organizations such as Jobs For Life and One More Child.

what has allowed their annual giveaway to grow its outreach each and every year has been word-of-mouth, as well as the gracious support of local community organizations who help administer the event. As much as other people enjoy receiving a free turkey for Thanksgiving, Brooks and his staff enjoy providing them even more, he said.

“The whole staff really gets more out of this than the people who get the turkeys,” he said. “It is our way to join together as a firm and give back to the community. I enjoy meeting and talking with the people.”

Assisting with the giveaway was Restaurants Against Hunger, a non-profit organization that allows restaurants to collaborate on food drives and other initiatives to help combat hunger within their local communities and around the world.

Grant Piche, Chair for the Winter Haven operation, and his team help assist with the annual turkey giveaway, providing the canned goods while Brooks provides the frozen turkeys. This year they helped provide two piles of canned corn, green beans, and other vegetables. Their team also prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for people waiting in line.

Piche and his fellow volunteers have been assisting with the annual drive for the past three to four years. They also have been assisting with other local organizations such as The Mission, Meals on Wheels, churches and food pantries to help feed the local community.

“As far as this event goes, hopefully, it doesn’t get any bigger,” he said. “I don’t think hunger will ever go away, so we will have to step up and help our community…We have a motto, if you’re not serving somebody, serve somebody who is.”

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