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Family Care Aesthetics In Davenport Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

Family Care Aesthetics In Davenport Celebrates Ribbon Cutting

by James Coulter

Dr. Maria Concepcion, during her time providing primary care for the past ten years in Polk County, had received many questions from her patients concerning aesthetic treatment, with questions ranging from “Where do I get my Botox?” to “Is this new laser procedure safe for me?”

Having heard so many questions about aesthetics, Dr. Concepcion decided that it would be best if she were to provide such treatments and procedures herself through her clinic, which recently celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting on Friday.

“It is something that I am passionate about, which is making people feel better about themselves, whether it is emotionally, spiritually, medically, or physically,” she said. “So why not the face and the skin? So I started incorporating this, and we have had a good response from the community, so why not fully launch of it? So that is why we are here.”

Through her clinic, Family Care Aesthetics, not only does she provide her patients primary care through a holistic approach toward healthcare, but she also provides additional aesthetic procedures using the latest innovative technology and techniques.

“The clinic at Family Care is dedicated to helping you reach and exceed your health care goals through systemic attention to detail, the creation of a safe, inclusive, and welcoming treatment environment, and by offering a team of practitioners who strive to stay up to date with the best treatment, diagnostic, and prevention practices,” her website states.

Whether you want to flatten out your wrinkles, accentuate the contours of your cheeks, or simple clear your skin, Family Care Aesthetics not only offers the best procedures, but offers the most innovative through state-of-the-art technology.

One such technological breakthrough includes BeautiFill, the first laser-based system which, according to the website of its distributor, Alma Lasers, Inc., is “designed to optimize the process, time and quality of autologous fat transfer for complete aesthetic contouring.”

“BeautiFill combines laser, suction and fat processing into one simple step, allowing physicians to quickly harvest and process high-quality fat for immediate reimplantation to address volume loss,” its website further elucidates.

Family Care Aesthetics celebrated the grand opening of its new clinic within the Davenport Medical Center off of Highway 27 with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted on Friday by the Northeast Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Haines City Chamber of Commerce).

Dr. Concepcion, board-certified in family medicine, has been serving the county through primary care for nearly a decade. Her patients appreciate the care that she and her staff provide, and they can expect to receive the same level of care through their new location.

“Always a pleasant experience to visit the office and staff of Dr. Concepcion,” a patient testimonial from their website reads. “The genuine concern and compassion received is what a patient needs when ill. I don’t like getting sick but I have an A-Team to get me Well.”

Lana Stripling expressed her excitement for the new clinic, as it will provide top-of-the-line medical procedures for the local community.

“It is here in Polk County [that] she is bringing innovative technology that you would have to go for the big city for,” she said. “So it is here in Northeast Polk County now, and we are very excited about that.”

Family Care Aesthetics is located at 2302 North Blvd W Suite D, Davenport, FL 33837. For more information, call 863-215-8836, or visit their website at: https://www.welovefamilycare.com/

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