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America’s Best Hearing In Lake Wales Celebrates Grand Opening

America’s Best Hearing In Lake Wales Celebrates Grand Opening

by James Coulter

Whether you have a hard time hearing the phone ringing from across the room, or whether you have a ringing in your ear that won’t go away, you can get all the help that you need to improve your hearing with America’s Best Hearing in Lake Wales.

The hearing clinic opened its newest location in Lake Wales, within the Publix Shopping Center along Highway 27. It celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting on Tuesday hosted by the Lake Wales Chamber of Commerce.

America’s Best Hearing offers free hearing evaluations. After which, their staff can determine any potential hearing problems and seek out the best solutions that are right for you. Aside from hearing tests, the clinic provides an array of other different state-of-the-art treatments and services.

Whether you need a new hearing aid, or if you need a new part for the one that you already have, America’s Best Hearing provides services for most make and models of hearing aids. Even if you didn’t purchase your aid at the clinic, the clinic will still be able to help fix and improve your hearing aid.

“We really try to provide a very family-oriented service,” said Jeffery J. Bush, a state-licensed audiologist at the clinic. “We are not just a factory in, factory out kind of people: we want to know our patients so that we can best provide them with the best service that we have. We have a wide range of options to meet every person’s price, range, or need.”

As a local Lake Wales resident, Bush appreciates the new clinic opening in his hometown, as he had previously worked at their original clinic in Sebring. With the steady increase in traffic and housing opportunities, especially with more seniors moving to the area, he expects business to pick up real soon.

“We really hope to be the one servicer and provider for this community, [and] we look forward to really working closely [with them],” he said. “I live here, so I want to be able to go out there and see my patients in the store, and see them with a smile not a frown. So that is our main goal to make people comfortable and happy that they are with working for us.”

America’s Best Hearing originally opened in Sebring six years ago. Since then, they have expanded their services throughout the state, as well as in Minnesota and Michigan. They opened a second location in Winter Haven, with their newest location in Lake Wales.

“We have a location in Winter Haven, and a location in Sebring, so this is right in the middle,” said Steve Reinshutle, Owner. “There was a lack and need of a hearing aid dispensary in Lake Wales, so we saw the opening and took advantage of it.”

Their commitment towards offering a high volume, low cost hearing aid dispensary has allowed their clinic to offer the best services as the best prices for their patients, which has in turn allowed their business to flourish and expand so greatly in recent years, Reinshuttle explained.

Lake Wales itself has experienced nearly ten percent growth within the local area, especially with more senior citizens and retirees moving down to Florida. As such, Reinshuttle expects business to continue picking up within the near future.

“We believe in taking care of our patients and giving them full service, making sure they have plenty of visits, giving them lifetime care, and really treating our patients as family,” he said. “The clinic has great expectations, the people of Lake Wales who came out [today] were fantastic, and we really appreciate the community support.”

America’s Best Hearing is located within the Publix Shopping Center at 23773 US 27, Lake Wales, FL 33898. For more information, call 863-949-4837, or visit their website at: https://americasbesthearing.com/

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