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Body Armor Tattoo Finds New Home At Eagle Ridge Mall

Body Armor Tattoo Finds New Home At Eagle Ridge Mall

by James Coulter

Ever since he received his very first tattoo at age 19 in Daytona Beach, Lee Gibb has been enamored with the art of tattooing.

He has since been sharing his love for the art through his business, Body Armor Tattoo, in Lake Wales. Now his tattoo art studio has since found a new home at Eagle Ridge Mall.

Body Armor Tattoo has gained quite the following due in part to its fair prices and quality work. Whatever you’re looking for a tattoo or a body piercing, Gibb and his team are sure to ink or pierce your skin for a decent price.

“I can do anything you want,” he said. “Whatever it is they are looking for, we can help fill a niche.”

Customers have come from far and wide to get their skins inked at Body Armor Tattoo. One customer from Ohio and their daughter has traveled there at least three times for all their piercings, as they trust no one else.

“His [their artist] experience in piercings will give you the confidence you need in knowing whatever piercing you want, you will get it done right & with very little discomfort,” she wrote on Yelp. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Had such a horrible experience in Ohio just to get a rook piercing done. Came here to Brandon [their artist] & he was successful no problems!”

Those who aren’t quite sure what they want and who aren’t that picky can come in on Wednesdays to partake in Gumball Mystery Tattoos. For $25, they can get a random design pulled from a vending machine—though fair warning: you get what you get.

“It is not for the faint of heart,” he said.

Gibb has been an artist most of his life, and became interested in tattoos with his very first at age 19—which, admittedly, was not his favorite.

He has since inked most every inch of his body with tattoos. His personal favorite is a dagger with his family name under his arm.

As an artist, what inspires him varies from day to day, and through his line of work, he ends up designing whatever it is his patrons require of him.

“I have always been an artist, it has always fascinated, and that is why I wanted to do it,” he said. “I do it all, so whatever I need to do, I do it. I am a color guy, if you are looking for what I am really into it, it is color.”

Gibb started tattooing professionally 16 years ago. His very first business did not do so well, but his very next one in Winter Haven saw much better success.

As a Lake Wales local, he decided to move his business closer to home. So in 2011, Body Armor Tattoo opened in Lake Wales and operated next to Sky Powersports along Highway 27.

“I felt that we needed a tattoo shop, so that is why I came back here, and that is where I have been,” he said.

Their former location had since shut down, as their building had closed and was set for demolition. Gibb decided to find a new location elsewhere, and discovered such a place at Eagle Ridge Mall.

Their new mall location offers better visibility and accessibility, as potential customers can more easily find and visit their store, as well as peruse the other stores within the local vicinity.

Gibb hopes to continue offering the same quality service at their new location that allowed them to remain successful over the years.

“We offer a unique experience,” he said. “We take really good care of our people. We have become family when you work for us.”

Body Armor Tattoo is located within Eagle Ridge Mall right next door to Claire’s, located at 955 Eagle Ridge Dr., Lake Wales, FL 33859. For more information, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bodyarmortattoo

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