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Winter Haven Man Charged With Aggravated Assault After Seriously Injuring Man With Pool Cue

Winter Haven, Florida- The Polk County Sheriffs Office is currently investigating an aggravated assault which occurred on Friday night.

Here are excerpts from the PCSO arrest affidavit: “On 09/27/2018 the victim, Gregory Bailey, asked the suspect, Ronald White, if he could come to Whites residence and play pool. White agreed and Bailey arrived with beer and a Red Bull. White advised that he is a “two beer commando” he drinks one and spills the second. White advised that he had five beers this night and played multiple games of pool with Bailey. White advised that the two began to gamble on the pool games and White was winning. White advised that Bailey began insulting him and calling him a “pxxxx” and stating, “I don’t know how you were a Marine being a candy ass pxxxx”. White advised that Bailey was standing next to him and repeatedly making these statements and others that were insulting. White advised that he pushed the butt of the pool stick he was holding into the “solarplexes” of Bailey and pushed him backwards. White advised that Bailey then completed a combination of punches and slaps totaling 14 strikes to his face and head. White was examined and a small cut was observed on the inner top lip. this was the only sign of injury observed and it was photographed. White advised that he “Had enough” and claimed, “I am a hell of a boxer”. White advised that he then punched Bailey with a closed fist five times and put him on the ground where he then “Put the boot to him”. White advised that he kicked him in the back and head. White advised that he was bleeding and not able to get up and leave on his own so he called the reportee, Travis Morton,  (Baileys roommate) to come get him. White advised that he only struck Bailey with the pool stick on the one encounter. White advised that his roommate witnessed the entire event and could support his story.

Detective Richards made contact with witness Ronald Abraham and asked if he could tell me what he witnessed. Abraham told me that he saw Bailey on the ground and that they were arguing. When Detective Richards started the recorded interview Abraham advised that he saw Bailey hitting White and Detective Richards asked for clarification as it contradicted what was just advised. Abraham became nervous and advised that he heard the two yelling and arguing and when he came out to see what was going on he saw Bailey on the ground bleeding profusely. Abraham did not witness anything further.

When Morton saw the extent of Baileys injuries he took Bailey to the hospital immediately.

White signed a consent to search for his residence where large amounts of blood trace was observed on the kitchen table, floor, and pool table were observed. The scene was photographed and White advised that after the incident he spent 45 minutes cleaning all of the blood up. ”

The Polk County Sheriffs Office contacted the attending physician at Lakeland Regional Health and Medical Center advised that Bailey has several broken ribs and injuries to his head. Bailey is currently unconscious and intubated. It was advised that there is bruising that is consistent with strikes from a pool stick on Baileys person.

According to the Polk County Sheriffs Office it was determined through statements obtained and evidence observed that White knowingly and intentionally caused great bodily harm to Bailey by repeatedly kicking “putting the boot to him” while he was on the ground. Evidence shows signs of injuries caused by sever strikes from an object such as a pool stick on Baileys person. White did admit to striking Bailey once with a pool stick during the altercation. White was advised that he was under arrest for aggravated battery and transported to the Polk County Jail without incident.

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