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From Potential Christmas Day Tragedy To Triumph For Volusia County Mom & Three Young Children

Around 11:45 a.m. today, VSO deputies and City of Ormond Beach firefighters were dispatched to a crash on southbound I-95. A vehicle had gone off the highway, struck a pole, rolled, and ended up in a ditch with about three feet of water.

The vehicle was occupied by a woman and three small children, the oldest about 5 years old. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries and bystanders assisted the occupants out before first responders arrived. Unfortunately, all of the children’s Christmas gifts were in the vehicle.

Volusia County woman and three small children, the oldest about 5 years old, avoid Tradgedy

After the victims were transferred to an ambulance, the crew of Q93 went above and beyond by using a ladder to access the submerged vehicle and were able to salvage most of the gifts from the vehicle.

A human chain was formed and the firefighters passed the gifts to deputies, who moved them to dry land.

Because of these efforts, deputies were able to transport the gifts to the VSO office, where they were sorted, dried, supplemented with a few extra donated gifts, and then brought to the hospital for the children.

Thanks to the initiative of Q93 and some great teamwork between OBFD and VSO, this family’s Christmas is a little bit brighter despite the crash. Great work all!!

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