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Welcome, World Travelers! You Won’t Believe Who’s Making a Snow White Movie to Compete with Disney’s Live-Action Remake!

Welcome, World Travelers! You Won’t Believe Who’s Making a Snow White Movie to Compete with Disney’s Live-Action Remake!

by James Coulter

Image source: movie trailer and Ben Key announcement

Welcome World Travelers

Unless you’ve spent the past year toiling away in a mine (where a million diamonds shine), you’re most likely aware that Disney will be releasing its live-action remake of Snow White next year. But did you know another Snow White adaptation is set to release next year?

Recently, a trailer was released for Snow White and the Evil Queen, a movie also set to premiere next year. That movie will be released on Bent Key, a new children’s streaming service being provided by—of all things—the Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire is an online right-wing news outlet run by Ben Shapiro, a right-wing pundit “famous” for such political hot takes like how people can simply sell their homes if they’reflooded due to climate change, or that women with “wet a** p-words”, as described by Cardi B, are most likely suffering from a viral infection.

So, the question must be asked: what is a political pundit like Ben Shapiro doing producing a Snow White movie?

That explanation starts last year, when the Daily Wire announced its new children’s streaming service, Bent Key(originally D.W. Kids). Bent Key was planned and created to provide parents (mostly subscribers to Daily Wire+) “family-friendly” children’s programming without a “woke agenda.” (“Woke” is right-wing jargon for “diverse and inclusive.”)

Bent Key recently premiered last week with several children’s shows and cartoons, including four produced in-house like Chip Chilla, a cartoon about a family of chinchillas (which many have called a Bluey rip-off), and A Wonderful Day with Mabel Maclay, a live-action children’s show in a similar vein to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

But perhaps the biggest announcement about Bent Key was that it would be releasing a live-action Snow White movie next year, most likely around the same time as Disney’s Snow White. So, again, the question must be asked: why is the Daily Wireproducing a Snow White movie?

Like many people, Ben Shapiro and the other folks at the Daily Wire were not too happy about many of the “woke” changes that will be made in Disney’s live-action Snow White. The most blatant of these changes were the titular princess being played by Latino actress Rachel Zegler and the seven dwarves being replaced by “seven magical creatures.”

In a press release by Jeremy Boreing, co-founder and co-CEO (and self-proclaimed god-king) of the Daily Wire, he called out Disney’s remake for allegedly pushing a “woke agenda” onto children:

“While Disney still uses Walt’s name, they’ve all but abandoned his legacy. Instead of telling stories about timeless truth, what the ancient fairy tales were all about, Disney’s new Snow White is an apology for their past and will expose children to the popular but destructive lies of the current moment. Which is why, in addition to announcing the launch of our Kids Entertainment company, I also want to announce today the company’s first live action feature film.”

Little else is known about the film, other than it will premiere on the Bent Key streaming service next year (most likely to coincide with Disney’s movie), and that its titular princess character will be played by Brett Cooper, a conservative YouTube creator known for her series The Comments Section, as well as for “allegedly” being “passed over” by other movie studios for not getting a COVID vaccination.

So, will this movie be better than Disney’s Snow White? Only time will tell. However, it should be noted that the Daily Wire has produced and released other movies like Terror on the Prairie, a western starring “cancelled” Star Wars actress Gina Carano. Unfortunately, that movie only managed to gross $804 at the box office during its official theatrical run. (Yes, you read correctly: $804! Not 804 million. Not even 804 thousand. Only 804!)

If those numbers are any indicator, then chances are, even the mediocre Disney live-action cash grab will manage to look better in comparison. (Though admittedly not by much!)

What do you think? Which Snow White movie will be better? The Disney version? Or the Daily Wire version? Leave your comments on Facebook.

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