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All Public Schools and District Offices in Polk County Will Remain Open Tuesday, Aug. 29. Schools Will Be Closed Wednesday And Thursday

Released by Polk County Public Schools approx 2:30 EST Aug 28:

“This is an important update regarding Tropical Storm Idalia and its impact on our public schools in Polk County.

Like you, our team is closely monitoring the various forecasts for this storm. The current track shows that our area is expected to begin experiencing significant weather tomorrow night (Tuesday, Aug. 29).

Again, we do not expect to have serious weather impacting our area until late evening – after our normal school hours have ended and buses have finished their routes. Based on this track, all public schools and district offices in Polk County will remain open tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 29).

However, the district is cancelling all after-school programs and sport activities (including games and practices) on Tuesday.

Current forecasts also predict significant wind and rain are expected to continue impacting our area into Wednesday, Aug. 30.

County emergency officials are directing that some of our schools will need to serve as shelters. These shelters provide support for our own residents and those who may travel inward from coastal communities.

As a result, Superintendent Fred Heid is ordering that PCPS schools and district offices will be closed on Wednesday, Aug. 30, and Thursday, Aug. 31, in response to Tropical Storm Idalia.

This decision is being made because we anticipate significant weather on Wednesday. We will also need to be closed Thursday so maintenance staff can assess and repair any possible damage to schools and district offices, and we can return any schools being used as shelters to their normal operations.

Please be advised that our decision to close is not binding upon charter and private schools. Those schools should be contacted directly for more information.

We know the decision whether to close our schools has a huge impact on the plans and lives of our students and employees, as well as their families. We appreciate their understanding and patience.

At this time, we anticipate reopening on Friday, Sept.1. However, we will continue to monitor the weather and consult with county emergency personnel as we plan for the days ahead.

Any official announcements or updates will be communicated through automated phone calls and emails, as well as our website and social media accounts.

Please stay safe and make sure your family is adequately prepared.”

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