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Two State Correctional Officers Arrested After Lying During A Hit And Run Crash Investigation

On May 2, 2023, PCSO deputies arrested 38-year-old Michael Grangerand 29-year-old Leila Chaney, both from Frostproof, after they lied during a hit and run crash investigation. Both Granger and Chaney are correctional officers with the Florida Department of Corrections and assigned to the Avon Park Correctional Institute.

Deputies also arrested 63-year-old Michael Granger of Frostproof, the father of 38-year-old Granger. 

At around 3:13 p.m., deputies responded to the intersection of Platt Road and South Lake Patrick Road in Frostproof in reference to a single vehicle crash. According to evidence at the scene, a gray 2021 Hyundai flipped and rolled through a fence line and into a privately owned citrus grove, causing around $3,000 worth of damage to trees and an irrigation system. 

Deputies found the vehicle unoccupied and believed the driver was injured due to blood found at the scene. 

Deputies located the vehicle owners, Chaney and 38-year-old Granger, at their home. Chaney told deputies that she was the one who crashed the vehicle. As Chaney had no obvious injuries, deputies continued to question her about the crash, but she continued to insist she caused the crash and then left the scene. 

38-year-old Granger also told deputies that Chaney was the only person in the Hyundai at the time of the crash and there were no others in the house. 

When deputies attempted to take Chaney into custody, she began yelling and pulling away to avoid being arrested. Deputies were able to quickly gain control and arrest her. 

Once arrested, Chaney confessed to lying about the crash. She told deputies the driver of the Hyundai was actually 63-year-old Michael Granger and that he was hiding in the house. 

Deputies located 63-year-old Granger and transported him to an area hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and then taken to the Sheriff’s Processing Center to be booked in on three charges. 

“There is never a good reason to leave a crash scene or lie about your involvement. Just do what’s right – it will be better for all involved in the long run.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff

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