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Frostproof Street Dance Brings Community Together For Valentine’s Day

Frostproof Street Dance Brings Community Together For Valentine’s Day

by James Coulter

Amanda Walters is a local parent whose child attends Frostproof High School. For the past six years, she has served as a board member for the school’s booster club, raising money for the school’s sports teams.

On Saturday evening, she and her fellow booster club members attended the biannual Frostproof Street Dance to raise money for the school. They sold hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and t-shirts.

“We do all we can to give our students what they need,” Amanda said. “We hope to continue to support and come out and raise money for the kids.”

This is the first time the booster club has participated in the biannual street dance. Amanda has been attending the event for the past two years. She loves how it brings the community together for music and fun.

“We enjoy the community coming together and having a good time,” she said. “Everything is meeting my expectations. We can come out and have a good time without worrying about what is going on in the world.”

Stacy Adams, a Frostproof Volunteer Firefighters Ladies Auxiliary member, attended with her fellow members to sell strawberry shortcake, along with water and handmade pet carriers.

She and her team spent the past two weeks baking pound cake to prepare their shortcakes with fresh-cut strawberries and homemade whip cream.

Like everyone else there, she was most impressed by the turnout that evening. Amid these uncertain times, it was nice to see other people come together in her local community and enjoy each other’s company.

“The weather is perfect, the music is good,” she said. “It is great, awesome. I think everyone should be down here tonight. It is awesome. Everybody needs to be down here. It’s a great street dance helping to support good causes.”

For the past three years, Frostproof has been hosting its biannual street dance downtown along Wall Street in front of the Ramon Theater. The city typically hosts two dances every year for the fall and Valentine’s Day, respectively.

Along with food trucks and live entertainment, the event also provided a venue for local organizations like the Frostproof Ladies Auxiliary Fire Department and the Frostproof Boosters Club.

Last Saturday’s event offered a more spacious layout. Vendors and food trucks were spread out to provide more space and better facilitate crowds, especially during these uncertain times, explained Austin Gravely, event organizer and city council member.

“Things are getting kicked off to a good start,” Austin said. “The weather turned out pretty good. So we see people keep coming, and it is going to be a good turnout. The community appreciates the event. We come out and support them, and as long as they keep coming out and supporting them, we will continue doing it.”

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