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Dundee Man Facing Multiple Charges After Shooting His Cousin

Dundee, Floria – A 34 year old Dundee man has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, discharging firearm in public, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a structure for keeping a controlled substance, and unlicensed of concealed firearm. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Curtis Carter, DOB: 07/25/1984, allegedly shot his cousin Jason Blackwelder during a dispute.

According to reports deputies were called to a home on Ridgewood Ave. in Dundee around 7:46pm Sunday night after a shooting. It was determined that Jason Blackwelder had been shot in the bicep. Blackwelder received emergency medical attention and then was airlifted to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center.

According to the arrest affidavit, Carter was working on Blackwelder’s truck at this home on Ridgewood Ave., but had put it on the “back burner” and was working on other vehicles nat another location Sunday. Per reports this made Blackwelder upset and he began calling Carter about it.

Here is an excerpt of two separate versions of what Carter says happened next:

“Curtis responded to his residence at Ridgewood Avenue, Dundee. Upon his arrival, he observed Jason was already at his residence, standing outside.

Curtis had a handgun in his truck that he arrived to his residence in. Curtis placed his handgun in his pocket, not for the confrontation, but to put it inside his residence. Jason began following Curtis into his backyard. Jason was being verbal aggressive towards Curtis. Curtis repeatedly asked Jason to leave, but Jason continued to follow him. Jason took an aggressive posture towards Curtis, therefore Curtis believed Jason was going to physically attack him.

Curtis discharged one round into the ground as a “warning shot”. Jason became upset after the warning shot and pushed Curtis. Curtis pushed Jason back, while still holding the handgun. The handgun discharged one round. Jason yell,”You shot me” and Jason began to exit the back yard. Curtis chased after Jason, in an attempt to get him to stop running and wait for help. Curtis dialed 911, to get Jason medical help.”

“During a neighborhood canvass, contact was made with a witness, Jaime Fierro-Martinez. Jaime advised he was inside of his residence on 6th street N, Dundee. Jaime’s residence is located behind Curtis’s. Jaime heard yelling and cursing. Jaime could only understand, “No, no, no fuck you, Fuck you”. Jaime believed the voice was “Bo Carter”. Jaime heard three gunshots “back to back”. Jaime was positive there was no pause between the gunshots. Approximately five seconds after the third gun shot, Jaime heard a subject begin to scream for help, at which time Jaime called 911. Jaime never heard anyone say “leave”. Jaime did not hear any gunshots prior to the three gunshots.

During a review of the property with crime scene, two casing were found in close proximity to one another at the rear of the residence, where there was also blood splatter. A third shell casing was found in another location in the backyard at the east side of the residence.

Upon a search warrant being completed, entry was made into the residence at Ridgewood Avenue. A green ammunition container was located in a front left room. Inside the green ammunition container was a clear glass pipe, which tested positive for methamphetamine, via narcotics kit #15. There were six additional firearms and ammunition found in the residence. There was also a .40 caliber ammunition box that is consistent with the casings found at the crime scene.

An interview was not conducted with Jason, due to him being in surgery at Lakeland Regional hospital.

Post Miranda, Curtis advised the following;

He agreed to fix his cousin’s, Jason Blackwelder, truck, but “put it on the back burner” to make money working on other people’s vehicles. Yesterday (1/6/19), Jason began calling Curtis, via phone, but Curtis did not answer. Jason contacted Curtis, via text, message. Jason advised he was going to fix the truck. Curtis advised Jason the items he needed to purchase to fix the truck. I observed the text messages exchanged between Curtis and Jason. Curtis even advised Jason where a wrench was located at his home for Jason to use. Therefore, Curtis was aware Jason was at Curtis’s home fixing his truck.

Curtis keeps his handgun between the seats in his green truck. Curtis always takes his handgun out of his truck and brings it into his house. Prior to Curtis’s arrival at his home, Curtis believed Jason was upset with him. When Curtis arrived home, he observed Jason’s silver motor vehicle that Jason drives. Curtis retrieved his handgun and carried it in his left hand down by his side. He does not currently have a concealed weapons permit, but is should be arriving in the mail soon.

Curtis walked to his backyard to enter his residence through his back door. Curtis was aware Jason was in the backyard working on his truck, but Curtis never utilizes the front door to enter his residence. Jason was underneath his truck at the time of Curtis’s arrival. While walking to the back steps by his back door, Curtis stated, “You owe me a steak dinner”. Jason removed himself from underneath the truck and began to walk towards Curtis while stating, “I want my mutha fucking truck fixed”. Curtis was standing at the top of the back porch stairs and Jason was standing on the ground in front of the steps when Curtis fired two warning shots into the ground. Curtis turned around to unlock his back door to enter his residence.

Curtis switched the gun from his left hand to his right. He felt Jason behind him. Curtis turned around, Jason tried to bite the tip of his nose, and then pushed Curtis’s chest with both hands. Curtis’s back was pushed against his back door. When Jason pushed him, he knew Jason’s possessed nothing in his. Curtis pushed Jason on his chest, while holding the handgun. Curtis was not paying attention to his finger placement on the handgun during the altercation.

Therefore, Curtis did not realized his finger was on the trigger. When Curtis pushed Jason, he accidently discharged one round. Curtis grabbed his arm and yelled, “You shot me” as he jumped up and down. Curtis advised he shot Jason by accident.”

A concealed weapons permit check was conducted and advised Carter’s concealed weapons permit showed “status denied”

Due to the investigation, witness and defendant’s statement, Curtis was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, discharging firearm in public, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a structure for keeping a controlled substance, and unlicensed of concealed firearm. He was taken to Polk County Jail.

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