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TECH TUESDAY – Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

Things You Should Never Post On Social Media

By: Kip Kirchberg

It amazing how integrated social media has become entangled in our daily lives. We posts things we have done, like, or share memories from the past. Its important to remember some things should never be posted to social media. Remember not only does Aunt Gertrude love seeing your vacation pictures and up to the minute posts of your exact location but so does Bernie the Burglar. Here are some items that you should avoid promoting on any social media platform.


  1. Your Full Birthday:  While you may enjoy getting tons of Happy Birthday wishes from your friends on social media, having your birth date posted on your profile gives scammers and identity thief’s another key piece of personal information needed to steal your identity and obtain accounts in your name.


  1. Home Address: You would think this is common sense, but I see various friends using “check-in” services while at home. It may seem funny to call your home a “Beer Cave” or “My landing Pad” to check in, but doing so allows any creeper or potential burglar to know where you live and learn your daily routines. Also be mindful of “Checking-in” when at a friend’s house. Doing so could expose them and their address.


  1. Work Information: Talking about anything work related on social media typically ends up very badly. Even an innocent status update about a recent success or failure could provide valuable information to your competitors. Definitely don’t bash your boss or company on social media. It could get you pushed to the front of the line at the HR department.


  1. Vacation Information: It may seem okay to post that you and the family just booked a 5 day vacation to the beach, But sharing your actual departure dates could make your home an easy target for Bernie the Burglar. Many criminals are getting smarter and searching social media for posts that contain words like “Vacation”, “outta town”, to figure out which homes may be vacant and ready for their visit. Simply avoid these type of posts until after the vacation has occurred.


  1. Pictures of you doing drugs or drinking: I’m sure you have all seen the posts of Johhny RaRa’s awesome party with everyone drinking, smoking, and doing other things one would not be proud of when sober. Posting pictures of you passed out from over indulgence in alcohol or drugs can be seen by not only potential employers, but law enforcement as well.


  1. Personal Conversations: The message you just received was sent as a message vs a post for a reason. Never posts personal conversations or personally attack someone on social media. It may seem cool or may you feel better to put them out on blast. But remember social media is also public record. Those comments and posts can be used against you in the court of law.


  1. Photos of Kids: If there’s one time you should be extra, extra careful, it’s when it comes to children and social media. When they’re not your own kids, you should always get permission from their parents before you post anything. And even if they are your kids, you still want to steer clear of uploading compromising images, including where they go to school.
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