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Tech Tuesday: Protect Yourself From Malware

By Kip Kirchberg

Seems that everyday you see something in the news about the latest cybercrime activity — leaked emails, viruses, stolen funds, crypto ware and more. You can take practical steps to protect yourself and your company from falling victim to Cyber Attacks that leverage Malware or Ransomware.

Malware is short for “malicious software.” It is a program or file designed to be disruptive, invasive and harmful to your computer.

man with tablet which see emails and alert message with the word malware hands of a man looking inbox in tablet with a malware message

Types of malware include viruses, spyware, adware and worms. Malware is most frequently transmitted through e-mail attachments, Instant Messages (IM), peer-to-peer downloads, phishing and misleading web sites.

Virus outbreaks cause harm by destroying data on infected computers and/or by increasing network traffic by triggering e-mail messages that carry the virus to all e-mail addresses in an address book or a random combination of addresses.

Ransomware is a type of malware that is designed to block access to all or part of a computer system until a sum of money (Bitcoin) is paid. Think of attacks like Colonial Pipeline or JBS Foods.

Worried Businessman Looking At Computer With Ransomware Word On The Screen At The Workplace

Because attackers are looking to maximize their payday, the targets are typically larger entities (departments, colleges, businesses) that not only are likely to have the funds, but also experience a significant loss when they cannot access their systems.

Individuals are still a target of ransomware because they can be a doorway into a large organization’s systems.


When it comes to preventing or detecting ransomware, there is no silver bullet.

Traditional security software uses a Blacklist Antivirus approach, which is a list of all known malicious files, and prevents them from running.

There is a better option, software like PC Matics Super Shield can help protect your computers from potential Malware or Ransomware by using what is called Application White Listing.

With Application Whitelisting security software, there is no malware or ransomware victim.

Only tested, safe programs and files can run, thereby protecting your computer, laptop, mobile device or business network from unauthorized access. With whitelisting, a user has complete peace of mind when it comes to data protection and internet security.

Link to Protect Yourself From Malware Slide Here

Kip Kirchberg is an International Cyber Security Expert who has experience building Cyber Security Teams and working with Multiple Fortune 500 organizations Experience includes but is not limited to Building SIEM platforms Endpoint Security 3rd Party Remote Access Industrial Control Systems NextGen Firewalls Helping Organizations Identify Cyber Security Risks Generating Reports that lead to actionable data Build and maintain Incident Response Teams Draft and Adopt Corporate Cyber Security Governance Internal and External Pen Testing plus much more

If you are looking for a better solution to protect your endpoints, have a need for remote management, need visibility into pc performance, or would like to capture pc software inventory I can help provide a solution for you.

Please reach out and request your free Cyber Security Consultation. I will be glad to discuss options, schedule a Demo, and help you find a solution that will work best for your environment.

You can reach me at 863-734-8060 or at [email protected]

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