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Lake Wales Man Charged With Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Assault On Law Enforcement – He Reportedly Videotaped Himself Assaulting The Victim

Lake Wales, Florida – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office on 9/24/23 arrested a Lake Wales man in connection to a domestic complaint of Attempted Murder, Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault. During the arrest the suspect was also charged with Resisting Arrest Without Violence, Resisting Arrest With Violence, Aggravated Assault On Law Enforcement Officers. The man, Seth Garrett Hawkins, DOB: 9/27/97, was involved in a physical altercation with a female victim at a residence on Jennings Fish Camp Rd. in Lake Wales.

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According to the PCSO arrest affidavit Hawkins and the victim got into a verbal and physical altercation over an argument about an upcoming trip. The victim was reportedly taking a shower when the argument with Hawkins escalated to a physical confrontation. According to the affidavit on the victim got out of the shower and was intentionally grabbed by Hawkins against her. Hawkins then allegedly grabbed a camouflage shirt and began to wrap it around the victim’s neck. At this time the victim began gasping for air. Hawkins reportedly held and kept the shirt wrapped around the victim telling her feel free to leave. Hawkins began to tell the victim he was going to kill her. Eventually Hawkins lessened his grip and the victim fell to the floor.

During the entirety of the attack. Seth was recording himself on a cellphone. Deputies viewed two separate videos of the incident both approximately one and a half minutes in length.

The first video depicts Seth holding the victim to the floor of the bathroom with the shirt wrapped around the victim’s neck while he is nude sitting on the toilet. Shortly into the video. Seth states we both finna die in this bitch! Throughout the first video the victim can be seen periodically gasping for air and barely moving.

The second video depicts Hawkins continuing to keep a tight grasp on the shirt around the victims neck and tells the victim to say “I brought this upon myself.” The victim then states “I can’t breathe my head hurts” then Hawkins reportedly repeats “I cant breathe.” The video is then ended by Hawkins facing the camera to his face and stating “everybody is going te die today.”

Below is an excerpt from a supplementary affidavit regarding the taking into custody of Hawkins by Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies. This is a redacted, but unedited version of the affidavit:

“On September 24, 2023, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to the address of REDACTED Jennings Fish Camp Rd, Lake Wales, FL, in reference to a suspicious incident. PCSO Lieutenant Kenneth Hill #4935 and D/S Bryan Mixon #4648 arrived dressed in their agency-issued Class B uniform with 5 point star badge and an affixed Polk County Sheriff office patch on each shoulder, and made contact with the victim, REDACTED, who was involved in a domestic violence incident.

While speaking with REDACTED outside the residence, the suspect, Seth Hawkins (W/M 09/27/97), stepped outside as well. Lt. Hill went inside the residence with the victim and D/S Mixon stayed outside in order to separate the victim and suspect for further investigation. While investigating Mr. Hawkins became irate and loud in a verbally aggressive manner. Lt. Hill stepped back outside to assist D/S Mixon with detaining Mr. Hawkins. In an attempt to detain Mr. Hawkins for further investigation, Mr. Hawkins pulled away aggressively and began to run away from D/S Mixon and Lt. Hill. Units chased Mr. Hawkins down the road and behind REDACTED Jennings Fish Camp Rd, where Mr. Hawkins tripped and immediately got back to his feet taking a fighting stance. Lt. Hill then took Mr. Hawkins to the ground. While attempting to secure, a struggle ensued due to Mr. Hawkins, striking both Lt. Hill and D/S Mixon in the head with his fist as well as using his feet and knees to strike the units. Mr. Hawkins continued to resist by attempting to bite Lt Hill, potentially causing great bodily harm. Mr. Hawkins also reached for Lt. Hill’s firearm grabbing a hold of the handle but was unsuccessful at removing the firearm from the holster. Mr. Hawkins also grabbed a hold of Lt. Hill’s radio and removed it from its location on his uniform, temporarily depriving him of communication with other units Lt. Hill was able to gain back control of his radio. During the struggle, Mr. Hawkins threatened to kill both Lt. Hill and D/S Mixon. D/S Mixon sustained a contusion on the left side of his head from Mr. Hawkins striking him in the head, as well as a minor laceration to his left arm.

Additional units arrived and Mr. Hawkins was secured and received medical attention for minor injuries.

• A criminal history query was completed on Mr. Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins was previously convicted on 11/15/2019 on three counts of battery LEO and one count of resisting with violence.

Based on the above-described facts , probable cause exists that Mr. Hawkins violated F.S.S, 784.07(2) (C)

(Aggravated assault on LEO), 843.01. (Resist officer with violence) 843.02 (Resist officer w/o violence), 843.025

(Deprive officer means of communication/protection), 777.04(1) (Attempted deprive law enforcement of communication/protection. and 88.02 13(8 corrunt or threaten law enforcement)

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