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Polk County Fire Rescue Takes To The Streets For School Zone Safety

Polk County Fire Rescue Takes to the Streets for School Zone Safety


Bartow, Fla. (August 8, 2022) — From Wednesday, August 10 through Friday, August 12, Polk County Fire Rescue personnel will be at several school traffic zones throughout the county to help promote school zone safety and remind drivers to slow down.


Next week marks the start of yet another school year for many schools throughout Polk County. As more than 100,000 students head to their prospective campuses, there will be an increase in pedestrian foot traffic on sidewalks and street crossings with thousands of children making their daily journeys. To help bring awareness to drivers that school traffic zones are back in effect, members of Polk County Fire Rescue will continue the tradition of being at several of these areas, during the morning and afternoon commutes, with signs urging drivers to slow down.


Some important tips for drivers to keep in mind while traveling through school zone crossings include:


  • DO NOT speed in school zones.
  • Always obey school zone crossing guards.
  • Be aware of the location, active times and speed limit for school zones along your commute.
  • Avoid multi-tasking while driving. Using cell phones, tuning radios, etc.
  • DO NOT pass a stopped school bus. Often, school buses stop to load and unload children traveling to and from school, including crossing streets into their neighborhoods.
  • Anticipate anything and everything.Inattentive and excited children often dart out in front of cars without remembering to look first.


Remember, to slow down in school zones. Save yourself the frustration of being issued a ticket and save a child’s life!

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