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Tech Tuesday: How to Reduce Telemarketing and Robo Calls

By : Kip Kirchberg

I work in a profession where my phone is the lifeline of my business. I cannot begin to count the number of calls I get from Marketers or Robo callers trying to refinance my home, get me better car insurance rates, or tell me my computer is infected with a virus. According to robocallindex.com 4.1 billion robocalls were placed in the first four months of 2018. That’s equates to about 12.5 calls per person, so I am not alone.

Well I have finally found a way to stop most of the calls and fight back against unwanted Robo calls. I utilize an app from Itunes called RoboKiller. Now this app is not free but in my opinion well worth the $2.99 per month or the $24.99 annually to keep me from answering unwarranted calls.

The app essentially filters all calls and checks the caller ID against a database to determine if the call is from a robot, spam, or a scammer. If the caller ID is not listed in the database the call will forward to your phone and complete as normal. If the caller ID has been flagged the call will forward to greeting of your choice and be sent to your personal spam box for future review.

Believe it or not there are actually some robo calls I want to get on my phone. Like a reminder from my Dentist for my semi-annual cleaning, drug store pickup reminder, or any other automated call I want to receive. Well RoboKiller will allow you to review blocked calls and whitelist numbers for the robo calls you want to receive.

For me the best part about the app is Answerbot. The answerbot will answer calls and play a user chosen recording like a Number Disconnected message or play an interactive response message. The interactive response is so good that some scammers sometimes think they are talking to a real person and simply waste their time by talking to a machine. These calls can be very entertaining and are captured for your listening pleasure in RoboKillers Spam box.

If you are like me and heavily rely on your phone for your business do yourself a favor and give RoboKiller a try. It is free for the first 30 days and if you like it sign up month to month or pay annually for a discount.

The app is available on Itunes and Google Play.

Here is an example of RoboKillers Answerbot at work.



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