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Tech Tuesday: Portable Battery Pack

On The Go Must Have: Portable Battery Pack

By Kip Kirchberg

If you’re constantly on the go and use mobile devices for work or play at some point you start to worry about running out of power. With mobile entertainment at our fingertips it’s easy to see how you can quickly start to run low on battery power. I always find it amusing to see people stopped in their tracks only to be tethered to power plugs to get one more charge on their device before their next adventure.

Since I use my mobile device to watch movies while flying, talk and send mail when grounded, and as a mobile airline ticket it’s obvious that I need something to fulfill my power craze. After being stranded without power more than once while traveling I decided I needed to do something. So I decided it was time to purchase a portable battery pack to help hold me over until I reached my final destination.

I purchased a portable RAVPower 16750mAh battery pack with 2amp wall charger. It holds enough power to charge my Iphone 6 plus and my ipad at the same time. Typically I can get up to 6 recharges on my iphone and 3-4 charges on my ipad.



With this type of reserve power on tap I never have to worry about having a dead cell phone or ipad while traveling. So instead of following the crowd and being tethered to a wall outlet I am simply tethered to my portable battery back tucked away in my backpack. Now I can charge on the go and head to my next destination without worry of running out of power. Now if I can just remember to charge the battery pack at my final destination.

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