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Town Hall Meeting “The Truth of the Matter” Presented by Oakbridge/Grasslands Residents Lakeland, FL

Town Hall Meeting “The Truth of the Matter”

Presented by Oakbridge/Grasslands Residents

Lakeland, FL

Date:   June 6, 2017

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM


Contacts:  Tom Graham (863) 670-5774

Keith Hensel (863) 255-9276


The residents of Oakbridge/Grasslands are sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the radiation lawsuit that was recently filed against the Drummond Company.   It will be held at the Magnolia Building located at 202 East Orange St. Lakeland FL  33801 on June 6, 2017 beginning at 6:30 PM and concluding at 8:30 PM.

The purpose of the Town Hall, “The Truth of the Matter” is to correct these misrepresentations and misconceptions by highlighting the work of the FL Department of Health—Radiation Control Bureau and seeing their test results from over 40,000 radiation readings in Oakbridge/Grasslands  and Lakeland areas.  Dr. Brian Birky, Ph.D Executive Director of Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research (FIPR) will share his knowledge about radiation, and whether he sees a problem within these Lakeland communities.  FIPR was created in 1978 by the FL legislature to study phosphate issues that impact Florida’s citizens, environment and economy and to be a phosphate information resource.  FIPR is now part of the Florida Polytechnic University.

The following messages will be communicated during the meeting:

  1. Oakbridge/Grasslands has normal background radiation that compares favorably with the rest of the state and better than many other parts of the country.
  1. To date, no one has provided any proof that Oakbridge/Grasslands residents are experiencing abnormally high or unsafe levels of gamma                                                                                                    A. The suit, as filed with the court and highlighted in a recently held Town Hall Meeting, included          no current radiation
  1. The lawsuit chose to ignore the significant mitigation efforts and activities that Drummond, in conjunction with the State of Florida, has undertaken to assure the building of a safe and beautiful community for residential and commercial
    1. Numerous public documents illustrate the attention and efforts taken to achieve successful reclamation. (ADA/DRI 1985)
  1. The lawsuit does not identify any person/s living in these areas that have been verifiably harmed by high dosages of radiation they claim is 400% higher than normal.
  1. The FL Department of Health – Radiation Control Bureau (FLDOH) tested the Oakbridge/Grasslands communities and found only normal background                                                A. FLDOH has conducted over 40,000 readings to confirm that roads and sampled residences are safe.                                                                                                                                                                        B    The Polk County Department of Health/ Radiation Division will test the residence of any resident who wishes a property tested at no charge.
  1. Additionally, professional firms have taken radiation readings at numerous commercial properties including Lakeland Regional Medical Center-Grasslands Campus, and Grasslands Country Club. All test results are normal.

A group of concerned residents of the Oakbridge and Grasslands communities are presenting information to better represent and safeguard the reputation of these fine communities. These neighborhoods are safe and have comparable and even lower levels of background radiation as any other community in Florida.  The communities of Oakbridge and Grasslands with over 1400 homes, for decades, have provided its residents, employees and visitors a great place to live, work and recreate.  No doubt, as this dark cloud passes, these communities will continue to enjoy these benefits for decades to come and are proud to call it home.

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