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Local Filmmaker Filming Sequel To Comedy “Tyrone Da Drug Dealer”

Local Filmmaker Filming Sequel To Comedy “Tyrone Da Drug Dealer”

by James Coulter

After spending 17 years in prison, Tyrone the Drug Dealer is determined to turn his life around for the better. Little did he know that the enemies he made before being placed behind bars are still around and nastier than ever. They want the money he owes them, and they’re willing to turn his life upside down to get it from him. Will Tyrone set his life straight? Or will it be destroyed by the people who hate him?

“Tyrone Da Drug Dealer” was the first full-length movie directed and filmed by Eddie Bower, a local rap artist from Lake Wales. Bower had used his filmmaking skills to create music videos for his songs like “Fritos Lays”, and he’s since utilized them to make his own movie.

“Tyrone” was uploaded to YouTube on July 4, 2020, and has since received more than 94 thousand views and one thousand likes. Bower is currently filming the sequel, “Tyrone Da Kingpin”, which is set to be uploaded on YouTube on Jan. 1, 2021.

Bower was inspired by the 1995 stoner comedy “Friday” and the 1996 film “Don’t Be A Menace.” His movie and its comedic flavor were likewise inspired by the comedic performances of such black actors as Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and the Wayne Brothers.

On the side, Bower has been working on a music video for his music album “Kingpin Status.” The music video will be simultaneously released on Jan. 1 alongside his newest movie. The song, “NASA”, which was recently recorded, tells about Bower’s ambitions of reaching high for his dreams and the many people who inspired him, including his own family.

Bower has always been a big dreamer. He dreamed of becoming a rap star ever since he was young. Now, at age 32, he’s living out his dream of being a rapper, music video star, and now film director. Many people may have “highly underestimated” his recent rise to fame, but just like in his song, “Highly Underestimated”, he now happily raps about his rise to the top after living life at the bottom.

He expresses his desire in many of his songs. In the song “Private Island”, one of the songs on his mixtape “Beanie Baby”, he sings about a man who lives out his wildest dreams on a private island surrounded by plenty of beautiful ladies.

Bower has spent the past nine months filming his newest movie. Getting the people and the money together to film the movie, especially during these uncertain times, has proven to be the greatest challenge. However, once his staff is together, watching the chemistry and camraderie among them proves to be the greatest reward.

“The best thing I like about making this movie is the laughter, the fun on set, the chemistry of the other characters, the actors and actresses, the chemistry I have with my camera men and everybody else,” Bower said.

His first movie received thousands of views and likes on YouTube. Considering the movie was created from scratch by him and his uncle, receiving such publicity remains to be a real motivator for him, especially since he’s one of the first people from Polk County to direct such a movie.

He has high hopes that his next film will be a success, and he owes it all to the people who helped him along the way. Without them, he would not have risen to such great heights and shined as brightly as he does now through his career.

“The people who lifted the movie up…It would be nothing without the people. The sense comes from the people of Lake Wales, of Polk County, and the people all over the world watching it,” Bower said.

“Tyrone Da Drug Dealer” is available to watch on YouTube at:https://youtu.be/k9LkWvbKK0Y

For more information about “Tyrone Da Kingpin”, visit Bower’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/eddie.bower

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