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Local Entrepenuer Rose from Rags to Riches with JonesBoy’s Pressure Cleaning & Mobile Detailing

Local Entrepenuer Rose from Rags to Riches with JonesBoy’s Pressure Cleaning & Mobile Detailing

by James Coulter

Do you need your car washed and detailed pronto but don’t have time to stop by the car wash? No worries. Just call Djuan Jones and his team, and they’ll bring the car wash and detailing to you.

JonesBoy’s Pressure Cleaning & Mobile Detailing offers detailing of any vehicle, size, and place. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the go, Djuan and his team will come to you and detail your vehicle for you.

“I wanted it to be a little different,” Jones said. “We go to different schools and businesses, and we detail your car on-site, so if you have plans, it is done in time for you to have a clean vehicle.”

A 34-year-old CEO and entrepreneur, Jones has been running his unique business for the past seven years. He faced many struggles creating his business, especially being a single parent, but he not only overcame those struggles, but he also rose to the top to become a successful business owner and turn his life around.

Jones moved out of his parent’s house at a very young age. At age 21, he found himself having to grow up faster than usual, especially after his son, Djuan Jr., was born in 2007. To turn his life around, he decided to start his own business.

As he brainstormed ideas, he remembered his childhood when he would go to work with one of his mother’s friends who detailed vehicles and tinted windows. At the young age of nine and ten, he had picked up those skills, so he decided to put them to good use by starting a detailing business.

When he started his business, he researched different detailing tactics to apply to his own. For example, he offers one service to apply foam all over a vehicle to make it resistant to weather such as rain and snow.

JonesBoy’s has become most famous, not only for its unique mobile detailing service, but also for its customer service. Jones ensures that his customers remain his number one priority. When you do business with him, you’re not just a customer; you’re just like family, he explained.

“When we welcome you, we want you to feel like family,” he explained. “We want you to feel comfortable and to know that we are trustworthy of getting the job done at high quality…That is what our ultimate goal is here at Jones Sports, to know that things will not go up missing and make sure things are done right.”

Hannah Taylor, the owner of Taylor’s Roofing and Taylor’s Industrial Coating, has been doing business with Jones for several years. He and his team have detailed many of her company and personal vehicles, from trucks to SUVs to even a boat. In every instance, Jones has proven himself to be nothing less than proffesional and timely, Taylor said.

“He does his job himself, or he sends someone trustworthy to do that. A lot of times, he comes by and makes sure I am satisfied afterward,” she said. “He shows up when he tells you he will show up, and his level of work is consistent…If we ever had any complaints with something we have not been satisfied with, he has always come back and redone it and made sure we are 100 percent satisfied.”

Jones does not set any high expectations for himself (as it prevents him from being disappointed), but he does set plenty of high goals with the hopes of accomplishing them. In the future, he plans on setting up an on-site shop that can offer detailing and pressure washing for those who want to drop by, and he expects to continue expanding his mobile service with more vehicles.

As someone who started with the financial and emotional struggles of being a single parent, Jones shows that anyone can rise to the top given enough elbow grease and positive thinking–that and a real professional knack for detailing vehicles.

“I would say keeping a mindset of staying encouraged and stay positive and no matter your struggles, just keep working, stay persistent doing the same thing, try to come up with ways to be quicker in doing stuff,” he said. “We appreciate all our supporters. We do not take it for granted. If you ever used us, we want you to give us a try to make sure you are satisfied.”

For more information about JonesBoy’s, call 863-286-2711, or visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/jonesmobiledetailingandpressurewashing

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